PROJECTThe Ship Builders of Port Glasgow

The Ship Builders of Port Glasgow

A colossal pair of figures fabricated in John McKenna’s studio workshops, made from stainless steel, standing approximately 40 feet/12metre plus high.

“A competition for a public artwork was held, four artists were selected to put forward their own proposal. The four proposals went to local public consultation and a public vote, my Ship builders colossal sculpture was voted overwhelmingly for by the people of Port Glasgow. It was a truly democratic process for the folk of Port Glasgow to select an artwork that they will live alongside for possibly 500+ years, as the fabrication material is very durable.

I made these colossal figures in my studio workshop in Ayrshire, it took almost eight years to create these titans to the former glorious industry of Port Glasgow, where numerous ship yards built thousands of ships which were sent all around the world. Those shipyards, now long gone, were testament to the industry of the people of the Clyde. This sculpture was my way of recognising those long gone folk who made ships that sailed to every corner of the earth and earned the reputation that made the phrase ‘Clydebuilt’.”

Sculpture is sited at Coronation Park, Port Glasgow, Inverclyde, Scotland.

Photo Credits: Dougie Coull photography & Stuart Robertson photography.