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Bobby Lennox

SALTCOATS’ very own footballing legend was honoured on Sunday afternoon as the statue of Bobby Lennox was unveiled.

Situated just yards away from the pub the Celtic and Scotland star ran for years, the masterpiece depicting the Buzz Bomb in his heyday fits perfectly with the new design of the street and left spectators in awe as it was uncovered.

Created by John McKenna, the lifelike structure highlights Bobby’s incredible footballing stats which make him one of the UK’s most decorated players of all time.

That honour was bestowed on Lennox’s fellow Lisbon Lion John Clark and Tony Savage, father of Col William Savage who was killed in Afghanistan in 2013, and the pair pulled off the green and white sheet to showcase to the world the statue for the first time.

Two years of hard work led to this point, with a hardy band of volunteers spending hours, days, weeks and months to ensure that everything was done to honour the legend that is Bobby Lennox.

Speaking after the unveiling, a humble as ever Bobby spoke about the new feature in Saltcoats town and said: “This is where I’ve lived my life. My mum would be proud and my dad would be proud, my two big brothers would be proud.

“Jock asked us to move to Glasgow nearer the park, to cut out the travelling of an hour in the car up to Glasgow but I’ve always lived here.

“It’s a great club, a great support. The guys that I played with were great guys, great players as well. We’re a band of brothers, we’ve known each other for fifty-odd years.

“As soon as they said they were going to erect a statue, I was worried that they’d want me to say something and I wouldn’t have been able to do it.
“It’s really muscly, so I think it looks like me!”

Bobby was joined by fellow Lisbon Lions Bertie Auld, Jim Craig and the aforementioned John Clark but also by his former foe and great friend in Rangers legend John Greig as well as other stars of years gone past in Danny McGrain, Ardrossan’s Roy Aitken, George McCluskey and Tommy Callaghan.

Former Celtic defender John Clark said: “Look at the crowd around about him here. I see football supporters from Celtic and other clubs and I see the dignitaries here and I think he must have been the Don of Saltcoats.

“He’s been a great figurehead for here, a great ambassador. The word legend is used willy-nilly at times, but I would say he is a true legend and deserves all that’s happening here for him and his family.

“He’s a proud person of being a resident of Saltcoats and he’s always speaking about where he comes from. I think it was fitting that it came here and there’s been a great turnout from the locals.

“We’ve also got the lads Stevie (Chalmers) and Billy (McNeill) who weren’t able to come here today, and the other boys who Bobby played with in the Lisbon Lions but who had passed away, they’re always in our thoughts.”

The Bobby Lennox Statue committee said: “We are extremely happy with how the unveiling went and we want to thank everyone that came along to see it and to thank everyone that’s donated and supported us throughout the two years.

“We feel it’s a fitting tribute to a local man who’s the most decorated player in the history of Scottish football, hopefully it brings pride to the town and inspires generations to come. We can’t thank everyone enough.”

Taken from the Ardrossan Herald

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