Tilting furnace at A4A studio foundry sculpture in bronze by John McKenna http//:www.A4A.co.uk

A4A Art for Architecture & John McKenna create bronze sculpture, public art sculpture, brick relief sculpture, architectural relief art, garden statuary, terracotta sculpture, glazed brick friezes, stone carving, mosaic, letter carving, steel welded artworks, wrought iron works, figurative sculpture, narrative sculpture, mythological sculpture, monumental sculpture, fountain sculpture, cast stone, cast aluminium, art consultancy, design installation, lighting, street furniture, bollards, art workshops, commissions undertaken, sculpture workshops, pattern making, lost wax casting, enlargement, mould making, architectural metalwork, paving design, stainless steel sculpture, obelisks, editions in bronze, unique castings, bronze plaques, civic sculpture, site specific artworks, concrete sculpture, entrance gates, community projects, residencies, fibreglass, Ayrshire artists, Scottish Sculpture, Marine art, bronze foundry, ceramic shell, Turnberry golf course, colossus, colossal sculpture, equestrian, animalier,a4a. In German- Bronzeskulptur, Öffentliche Kunstwerke, Backsteinrelief, Porträtskulptur, Architektonische Reliefkunst, Gartenstatuen, Terrakottaskulptur, Glasierter Backsteinfries, Steinmeißelarbeiten, Mosaik, Buchstabenmeißelarbeiten, Schmeideeisenkunst, Figurative Skulptur, Mythologische Skulptur, Monumentalskulptur, Brunnenskulptur, Kunststein, Gußaluminium, Kunstberatung, Installation von Kunstwerken,Beleuchtung, Straßeneinrichtungsgegemstände, Poller, Kunst-Workshops, Auftragsarbeiten, Bildhauer-Workahops, Modellerstellung, Wachsausschmelzguß, Vergrößerung, Formenerstellung, Architektonische Metallarbeiten, Pflasterbeläge, Edelstahlskulptur, Obelisken, Bronzegußeditionen, Einzelußarbeiten, In French Sculptures en bronze, Sculptures de lieu public, Sculptures de relief en brique, Portraits sculptés, Reliefs architecturaux, Statues de jardin, Sculptures en pierre, Mosaïques, Sculptures de lettress, Ouvrages en acier soudé, Ouvrages en fer forgé, Sculptures figuratives, Sculptures mythalogiques, Sculptures monumentales,Sculptures de fontaine, Pierre de béton, Aliminium fondu, Conseils artistiques, Installation d'oeuvres, Eclairage, Mobilier urban, Bornes, Ateliers d' art, Commandes acceptées, Ateliers de sculpture, Création de modéles de fonte, Piéces moulées a` la cire perdue, Agrandissements, Construction de moules, Objets métalliques architecturaux, Conception d'aires pavées, Sculptures en inox, Obélisques, Tirages en bronze, Moulages uniques, Plaques de bronze, Sculptures municipales, OEuvres d'art personnalisées Sculptures en béton, Portails d'entrée, Projets associatifs, Projets en internat, Fibre de verre

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A4A.co.uk Art for Architecture public art site with large scale steel artworks and architectural features in brick, stone carving, relief panel friezes. Our Sister site with more examples of sculpture projects.


Andrew Findlay the artist blacksmith has a forge at Eastnor Castle, near the town of Ledbury. Andrew has been a long term working associate with us and we can recommend his forge work.


Gunther Lepoutre runs an artists forge works company in France. Very beautiful decorative ironwork. Gunther has worked with us in the past on various projects.


Poseidon design and Poseidon enginerering have a waterjet cutting facility that we use in various artworks. The water jet machine can cut intricate shapes in stainless steel plate, we send them dxf CAD files which they program the machine to cut.


A4A Art for Architecture bronze casting foundry, the studio foundry run by John McKenna, we run short residential courses in ceramic shell bronze casting technique and will also cast other work , call John on 01655 332215 to discuss or visit weblink for more info.


high st. gallery, Kirkcudbright 
Situated at the heart of Kirkcudbright's historic artists' colony, high st. gallery exhibits contemporary Scottish painting, sculpture and ceramics, and Scottish fine art. Owned by Maureen Briggs D.A. and Richard Ross D.A., both graduates of Glasgow School of Art.


This is a family Web Site with information on both the Le Feuvre and Le Quesne families. Avonteur Jerseys, Island Jersey herds, Jerseys around the world and other "cow" information, are featured as well


Shrubs.co.uk an online garden centre and with garden centres in the North of England Specialist ranges - nationwide delivery.


This page is an archive of items giving the historic perspective on developments that have occurred in the town of Rugby since 1996, where A4A created a brick relief sculpture in theHigh Street.


Claire McKenna Bronze cast bowls, a site where the artist Claire McKenna creates bronze bowls in a variety of designs and colour patinations. You can buy these unique sculptural craft works directly of the website.


The Studio Fine Art Company is a new and exciting contemporary Gallery offering Events, Art & Sculpture Exhibitions and a unique Private Client service.


Undiscovered Scotland, the ultimate online guide to Scotland. The site is a combination of visitor guide, accommodation listing and business directory, and aims to show you what the country is really like.


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