Jimmy Jinky Johnstone bronze portrait statue, Viewpark, Glasgow by John McKenna Sculptor cast at the A4a foundry, Turnberry, Ayrshire

Lisbon Lions turn out for new Jimmy Johnstone statue

Aug 15 2011

The Lisbon Lions turned out to catch a glimpse of a new life-size statue of Celtic legend Jimmy "Jinky" Johnstone.

Former footballers, including Bertie Auld, Joe McBride and keeper John Fallon gathered yesterday yards from Jinky's childhood home in Uddingston, Lanarkshire.

The statue of the player was unveiled in a memorial garden jointly by his widow, Agnes, Bertie and North Lanarkshire councillors Jim McCabe and Harry Gauchin.

Roads locally were closed as large crowds turned out for the unveiling.

Fundraising was spearheaded by the Jimmy Johnstone Memorial Committee and Celtic and Rangers fans contributed.

Celtic legend Jinky - a member of Jock Stein's Lisbon Lions squad who won the European Cup in 1967 - died in 2006 after battling Motor Neurone Disease.

photos by Ralph Kelly

Above the Jimmy Johnstone statue on site, below the freshly bead blasted sculpture at John McKenna's A4A studio bronze foundry in Ayrshire. Below right the statue on site in the memorial garden. Bottom picture shows Jimmy himself after scoring a goal, the photo that inspired the statue.

Jimmy Jinky Johnstone bronze portrait statue, Viewpark, Glasgow by John McKenna Sculptor cast at the A4a foundry, Turnberry, AyrshireJimmy Jinky Johnstone bronze portrait statue, Viewpark, Glasgow by John McKenna Sculptor cast at the A4a foundry, Turnberry, Ayrshire
Jersey Cow portrait sculpture head in bronze by John McKenna A4A


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This bronze portrait statue sculpture of the legendary Celtic footballer Jimmy ‘Jinky‘ Johnstone was commissioned for a site in Viewpark, Glasgow where Johnstone grew up. The life-size bronze statue depicts ‘Jinky’ in one of his most memorable triumph poses after he scored a goal. John McKenna modelled the portrait statue on reference supplied by the Johnstone family who came and approved the statue as it progeressed The bronze statue, cast at the A4A studio foundry was unveiled by the footballers family in Viewpark, Uddingston, Glasgow, August 2011.